Wealth creation is a journey peppered with a lot of ups and downs. We are often changing  our strategies, tweaking our goal and testing our tolerance levels. Sometimes we are lucky and get some good returns other times we fail, spectacularly! 

The good thing with the human spirit is we are wired to be resilient. I haven’t fully figured this journey out, but  I am enthusiastic  about and invigorated with wealth creation conversations . 

 I know there are tried and tested formulas on how to create and keep wealth out there, that work. So, in this space I am putting my energies to look for and share them with you.

Most importantly for us, is to enjoy this process, otherwise what’s the point?

So, join me Madge, a finance professional  with a passion for all things personal finance on what promises to be an adventure. With my over 15 years of experience in Finance, I promise it will be worth it.

Welcome aboard!!

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