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Self-Evaluation in Financial planning

At the end of last year, I was quite pensive. Reflecting on the year that was as well as projecting my hopes for the year that was to come. I got a hold of Sunny Bindra’s book the Bigger Deal. I will say it is a great book. It certainly plunged me deeper into introspecting and reflecting. 

Self-evaluation is necessary for progress. Corporations world over have big budgets that go into “monitoring and evaluation departments.” The purpose of these budgets is to help the organizations constantly check their progress on the projects they undertake. Are they staying true to the cause, to the roadmap as it were? Are they on time and within budget? If not, what are the corrective measures that should be undertaken to get back on course?

The process of self-evaluation need not be complicated, but it needs to be an honest one. “The bigger deal” in my opinion has one overarching theme; we are here to do the best we can with what we have. That is why we exist. Because the good we put out there comes back to us, and the bad things we do to others also comes back, so it is up to you to choose what you want to come back to you.

Granted the year 2020, is unprecedented in many ways and most of us could not have predicted just how much of a curveball it would be, but as long as we are here, we have to keep moving one step at a time, one day at a time.

Our financial goals are part of what we plan for each year. I will be honest and say I have stumbled quite a bit this year. I have had many excuses along the way and many reasons not to move forward but I determined to stay the course. Has it been easy, not by a long stretch of my imagination but it has been worth it. I have had wins, a few setbacks, and isn’t that just the true definition of life… that you get dealt two sides of a coin?

While today I am not doing a book review, I took a few principles that I took away that have helped ground me through the year.


The book reminded me that my legacy is not a one-off event, I build it every day, it is the sum of what I do daily. It is what I put out into the world and so it is better to put my best foot forward. What would I want to leave behind when I depart? What do I want to achieve?

Self evaluation

My big Why?

The Why do I exist question? My why is the one thing that gets me out of bed, the one thing that I must absolutely do, what do I need to work towards every day so that I achieve my big Why. For most of us, the why is encompassed in our visions.

Do you have a vision? Good! have that vision written down, make it very simple. Do you have a mission, a roadmap to achieve your vision? Good! Use it often to check if you are on course or not. Ideas and visions that only exist in our minds, hardly ever get implemented. Dream of how success looks like to you and then write it down, draw it, cut, and paste it on a vision board.

Part of my why is to add as much value to you so that you achieve financial freedom as soon as possible. It is not easy at times, especially as I venture further and further from my comfort zone. My choice is to do it, afraid. This is my clarion call to you today, let us achieve big things, especially because our visions are supposed to be big dreams that scare even us.

So as we ease off this year with all its uncertainties, lets plan for 2021 with great hope, after all like the Pilot who needs to keep course-correcting in order to get the plane to its destination, time will allow us to keep course-correcting throughout the year.

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It has been a year filled with great uncertainty and most of the time we have been anxious, however, let us determine for ourselves that it will count. As long as we are healthy and we have the will let us work at it, a day at a time. ln, any case time waits for no man.

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